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speaking engagements

A large part of my role as a Licensed Professional Counselor is to be an educator and advocate to break the stigma of mental health in the communities I am a part of. I have had the opportunity and honor to speak on a variety of topics related to mental health and advocacy both as a panelist and as a solo presenter. Some of these engagements are showcased below.

Stress Management & Coping with Anxiety

with The Islamic Center of Brushy Creek (ICBC)

Serenity: A Webinar for Mental Health for Muslim Youth 

with The Cave Austin

Systemic Oppression & Anti-Racism:

Part 3: Privilege in Action

Recovery From Academic Burnout

with the Longhorn Muslim Network and Safa Institute

with CAIR Austin

Interested in having me speak at an upcoming event or present original content related to mental health?


Connect with me for rates and availability. I look forward to working with you and your community!

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