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Counseling/therapy/talk therapy/psychotherapy are all synonymous terms. Therapy is essentially talking through one's mental, emotional, and psychological concerns with an objective third-party individual (a therapist) to gain deeper insight, self-awareness, and healing to live a more fulfilling and connected life. Therapy can also include mediation between couples, families, or a parent and child to build communication and connection. Therapy is an investment in yourself and your loved ones.

MY Approach

I'm a relational therapist, meaning I believe our therapeutic relationship is the most important marker for change. Due to this, a majority of our early sessions are spent building rapport. I do a lot of active listening, reflecting back and summarizing what I'm hearing you say, and asking a ton of open-ended questions to help you introspect and build a deeper self-awareness. As our work deepens, I provide coping skills and tools as needed. We may laugh, sit with painful emotions together, and connect on parts of our shared stories -- our therapeutic relationship is one of collaboration and transparency


I am client-centered in my approach, meaning my clients guide their sessions because I truly believe they know where they need to go. Of course, I am happy to prompt and guide as needed. I believe therapy is about being, not doing. Although you may come to therapy with feelings of desperation for change, my role is to help you slow down to model a sense of grounding. After all, our wounds heal incrementally over time when we take time to tend to them, not by ignoring them or rushing the healing process.

My Specialties

I work with first-gen adults and couples as they navigate unlearning their negative self-talk to feel more connected and authentic in their relationships. Topics often discussed in session with me are:

  • Intergenerational trauma: identifying and healing traumas passed down 

  • Negative self-talk: what it is and how to unlearn it

  • Self compassion: what it is and how to incorporate it 

  • Anxiety: coping skills and tools 

  • Communication: tools to use in relationships

  • Boundaries: types of boundaries and how to set them

I provide teletherapy for first-gens, couples, and parents


Once you connect with me, we schedule a FREE 15-minute phone consultation to see if we are a good fit. During this consultation, I answer any questions or concerns and hear a little bit about your primary concerns. If we decide to schedule an appointment, I take relevant demographic information and email over paperwork through the HIPPA compliant Electronic Health Record software. Prior to the first session, you complete all intake paperwork including my Disclosure Statement

first session

In the first session, I start by reviewing paperwork and answering any related questions. I then invite you to describe as much of your current concerns as you feel comfortable sharing. We then work collaboratively to develop workable goal(s) for our sessions. Grounded in clinical research, I encourage clients to start off with weekly sessions to maintain consistency, build rapport, and put all concerns on the table for quicker, long-term, lasting results. I value long-term therapeutic relationships with my clients to support deep healing. I invite you to discuss any questions or concerns about session frequency in my 15-minute phone consultation by connecting with me.

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