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parent coaching

Being a parent is one of the most unique experiences an individual can have. With that being said - there is no manual or amount of prep one can do to prepare for the transition to parenthood. Just as you may be getting a grasp of parenting your toddler, they're headed for their preschooler years, then pre-adolescence and teens! As a Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator, I teach parents Positive Discipline tools to strengthen their relationship with their children whatever stage they may be at and turn challenging moments to teachable moments.

Parent coaching with me may be a good fit if - 

  • You find yourself getting angry frequently with your child due to them "not listening to you".

  • You find yourself feeling hopeless or helpless with your child's behavior.

  • You feel guilty if and when your child is upset at you.

  • You feel disappointed in your child frequently and take their behavior personally.

I work with clients of all identities and abilities, both of faith and non-faith backgrounds. I am a culturally affirming, trauma-informed therapist.

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