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Pillow and Blanket on Couch

TELEtherapy for first-gen ADults

You still don't have to have it all figured out.

Change occurs in every season and stage of life. This change may bring discomfort and transitions in values, identities, and relationships. I help adult first-gens identify their values and needs, challenge their negative self-talk and anxiety spirals, build confidence in their identities, and create healthy relationships with themselves and their loved ones.


Therapy with me may be a good fit if -

  • You're tired of being mean to yourself

  • You're overwhelmed by your anxious thoughts

  • You want to feel more connected to yourself and loved ones and create healthy boundaries

  • You want to feel confident in all of your identities

  • You want to heal from a unhealthy relationship - with yourself, partner, friend, or family member

I work with clients of all identities and abilities, both of faith and non-faith backgrounds. I am a culturally affirming, trauma-informed therapist.

Learn more about teletherapy here.

Want to learn more about my approach? Click here.

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